Post Note: “Holiday dinners mean political debates. Here’s what to do”

In Post Notes, I add some additional thoughts or context to a blog post I’ve previously written. The original post can be found here.

  • I emphasized the following advice in the article a couple of times, but I want to repeat it once again: people need to make judgment calls about how they discuss politics with their family members. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it! I think people should try to hold their family accountable, but sometimes the costs are too great. This is not a “one size fits all” issue.

  • There is some interesting research coming out about how political divides really affect some families during Thanksgiving.
  • I wrote the piece to be “holiday neutral.” In going with Miguk Minute‘s posting schedule, this came out the Tuesday after Thanksgiving 2017, so I wanted it to be applicable to both Thanksgiving and to Christmas.
  • Despite people being able to discuss politics at any given family occasion, Thanksgiving seems to be the one where politics are more likely to be discussed. I’m not actually sure why that is. Perhaps because both Election Day and Thanksgiving are in November? Is it because at Christmas people are distracted by gifts? I’m genuinely curious.

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