Post Note: “It shouldn’t take Eminem’s anti-Trump rap to prove that hip-hop is meaningful”

In Post Notes, I add some additional thoughts or context to a blog post I’ve previously written. The original post can be found here.

  • In the article, I wrote, “Eminem brushed aside concerns about the content of his songs by claiming that his songs are not to be taken seriously.” A friend pointed out to me that this is exactly the argument that Trump supporters use when defending offensive comments Trump makes. It’s quite a lazy response.

  • Hip-hop artist Questlove created a 201 song playlist for Keith Olbermann, after Olbermann vaguely tweeted about becoming an Eminem fan after the anti-Trump freestyle aired. It’s worth listening to, even for hip-hop connoisseurs.
  • In a series of tweets, Olbermann later clarified his position:

Hate to hit your narrative but I’ve been a fan of political protest music, rap and otherwise, for 50 years. My “doubts” were about my personal tastes. I had Coolio and LL Cool J cassettes before I owned a CD player. My “doubts” were like my doubts about Zep. People love Zep. I like the music, don’t like Plant and the lyrics. That’s all it was. Was just saying I always respected it, but Eminem’s bodying Trump was the first time I got the thrill. No disrespect intended, more a public questioning of my own tastes.