Post Note: “Democrats still have a lot to learn from Bernie Sanders – even if some don’t like him”

In Post Notes, I add some additional thoughts or context to a blog post I’ve previously written. The original post can be found here.

  • Trump won in spite of many, many character flaws, racist statements, gaffes, and other items that would have doomed other candidates. He is an anomaly in politics. Democrats cannot expect that they will be able to run candidates in the same way that Trump ran. In fact, as Roy Moore’s failed Senate bid showed, other Republicans are also unable to run in the same way that Trump did!

  • I did vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but I can understand why people would have voted for Hillary Clinton. However, I cannot understand the hero worship of her. I wanted to stay a bit more neutral in the article, but I think this sort of devotion to politicians is counterintuitive for a political party to improve.
  • While toxic masculinity creeps its way into virtually every corner of life in  the United States, the existence of “Bernie Bros” was a myth.