Post Note: “Everyone has a gender identity, but some aren’t male or female. And that’s okay”

In Post Notes, I add some additional thoughts or context to a blog post I’ve previously written. The original post can be found here.

  • I initially set out to write an article about the science that backs disproves nonsense arguments against transgender rights. However, when drafting my piece, I got a bit sidetracked when a friend posted a transphobic meme from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  • The first real exposure I had to transgender media was the 2006 film Transamerica. I do not remember much from it.
  • I came across this article from Stamford University’s School of Medicine. It certainly complicates what a lot of people mistakenly believe is a simplistic matter:

The simple scenario many of us learned in school is that two X chromosomes make someone female, and an X and a Y chromosome make someone male. These are simplistic ways of thinking about what is scientifically very complex. Anatomy, hormones, cells, and chromosomes (not to mention personal identity convictions) are actually not usually aligned with one binary classification.